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Military compliance for IUID, shipments, and reporting to iRAPT and IUID Registry

We offer cloud-based solutions to manage IUID and RFID compliance with reporting to iRAPT (formerly WAWF) and IUID Registry. UC! Web™ creates IUIDs, tracks assets, manages military shipments with RFID and reports to iRAPT and the IUID Registry. We provide custom IUID labels, plates, and RFID tags and we provide experienced teams to mark your assets around the globe.

Asset Tracking

Military-grade barcode and RFID asset tracking solutions.

We offer cloud-based solutions to asset tracking that incorporates advanced barcode and RFID technologies. UC! Web™ provides automated tracking using mobile computers and fixed readers to give you visibility into the location and movement of your inventory and assets. We partner with world-class hardware manufacturers to deliver affordable, reliable integrated solutions that help you minimize loss, save time and locate items within your department or enterprise.


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