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The Impact of the FIAR Deadline – Now Available On-Demand!

With the start of Fiscal Year 2018 on October 1st -- The FIAR (Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness) Initiative dictates that all mission critical military assets be audit ready from “floor to books” and “books to floor”. In other words, the FIAR Mandate is calling for complete accountability of all DoD assets and property [...]

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Auto ID Standards Discussion at RFID Journal LIVE

In 2014, the US Military documented a Strategy for Improving DoD Asset Visibility. This strategy integrates Department-wide efforts to improve asset visibility, reduce supply chain risk and improve logistics decision making. The Strategy creates a framework whereby the Components work collaboratively to identify improvement opportunities and capability gaps as well as leverage automatic identification [...]

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How to Be Audit-Ready by the FIAR Deadline

September 2017 is quickly approaching -- is your organization prepared for the FIAR (Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness) Initiative? This major Department of Defense endeavor requires military contractors and program managers to report property existence and to validate the completeness of their inventory records by September 30th, 2017. Whether you’re in one of the [...]

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The DoD Procurement Toolbox

The Department of Defense Procurement Toolbox is an online resource designed to help organizations support their supply chain management initiatives. The DAU describes the Procurement Toolbox as a “collection of tools and services to help you and your organization manage, enable, and share procurement information across the Department of Defense”. Some of the key areas [...]

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DoD’s Plan to be Audit Ready

The Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) initiative will reach a major milestone on September 30, 2017. The entire Defense community needs to understand that as we begin Fiscal Year 2018 on October 1st -- the FIAR Directive dictates that all accountable assets be audit ready. The US Congress is holding the DoD accountable to [...]

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Auto ID Technology Lies at the Core of FIAR Compliance

Big milestones are coming up in 2017 for the FIAR (Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness) Directorate, which will affect the way defense contractors do business. It is imperative that all contractors understand and follow the new Directorate, and also understand how Auto ID technology such as barcode and RFID, lies at the core of FIAR [...]

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The Challenge for the DoD

One of the challenges facing the Department of Defense this year is the FIAR mandate. The Financial Improvement and Audit-Readiness (FIAR) Plan has evolved and matured over the years; but, the current deadlines and regulations were set by Congress in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2010. The FIAR mandate requires that the DoD needs [...]

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The 2017 FIAR Directorate Deadlines

The Department of Defense has made it clear that it is committed to having fully auditable financial statements by the end of September 2017. This was the deadline that was established by Congress in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2010. Since 2005, when the Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) Plan was first issued [...]

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Benefits of Using Both Barcode and RFID Technology in your Asset Tracking Solution

Why would you ever want to use both RFID and barcode tags on the same asset? It might seem redundant to use two methods of tracking, but in certain operations there are distinct advantages to having both.   Barcode and RFID asset tracking systems each have their strengths. For inventory functions; such as, performing cycle [...]

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