When speaking to Rick Morgan from SCAN: The Data Capture Report a few days ago, he asked me about AIM Expo, among other topics.  I had barely enough time to digest the question when I heard myself saying that the entrepreneur in me wanted to start about ten new companies based on new developments in the industry.  It was an unfiltered response, but that’s when I recognized it was genuine.

AIM Expo, being a new show in a time of tight travel and marketing budgets, is still taking steps to build a strong foundation of “followers.”  However, the number of technology companies who recognize the potential in this community continues to grow.

There are ground-breaking developments in a number of industries that are planning the rollout of important automatic ID policies and deployments. These include healthcare (numerous areas), US government such as Department of Defense with IUID, and manufacturing, to name a few.

AIM Expo will continue to be a great event for years to come.