In follow up to a former blog entry (A2B Hosts User Group Meeting), I’d like to share insights from the meeting in San Antonio.  With over 50 people participating, A2B led the discussion about our products and services roadmap.  Part of our goal was to generate discussion throughout the community of UID Comply!® software users and part of the goal was to share challenges that we were anticipating and starting to address for that community of users.  For instance, we recognize that not everything can be solved with technology.  Sometimes the community just needs down and dirty support in navigating UID policy issues. That’s why we’ve introduced A2B’s free new service to Premium-One™ support customers  – the UID Coach™.

I was impressed with the thoughtful nature of the questions and general discussion for those who took the time to engage in the public forum.  I certainly recognize that not everyone is comfortable in joining these types of discussions, so I encourage you to contact us directly with any questions, comments or concerns you care to address.