Last week I attended the National Property Management Associations’ national conference in Las Vegas. As typical, I presented to a broad audience of property professionals on the topic of UID and what the policy and technology means to the property manager. In preparation for the meeting, I found myself cramming in updates on UID and FAR policy as it applies to the property administrator. (I often get the cliff notes from Doug Goetz who is one of the most knowledgeable property professionals that I’ve ever met). During my session, I provided a brief policy update and then dove into best business practices for property identification and accountability. I focused on users preparing for auto ID technology or UID but don’t know where to start. More often than not, they’re managing property by spreadsheets and sometimes trying to manage property with spreadsheets at an enterprise level!

My conclusion: understanding bad habits (e.g. managing property using spreadsheets) is the first step in transitioning to best business practices of auto ID or IUID for property accountability.

The next few entries I’ll dedicate to what I call “death of the spreadsheet”. This explores why spreadsheet are inadequate to manage property and comply with IUID policy obligations.