The Department of the Navy (DON) released their final UID Marking Guide, Applying Data Matrix Identification Symbols to Legacy Parts, 23 November 2010. This technical guide is a primer that provides background on MIL STD 130 requirements as well as considerations when selecting an appropriate marking solution.

The document cautions that, “Applying these markings can be technically involved because of the variety of factors to consider before choosing an acceptable methodology and procedure.” The numerous appendices to the document cover virtually all engineering considerations with regard to legacy marking.

What this document lacks is a methodology for implementing full-scale part marking, across the DON enterprise. A2B has found, in our part marking effort with the Air Force, that the organization of marking teams who are trained to solve real-world problems in the field is no less important than engineering considerations. The reason is simple: In an environment where legacy items are scattered throughout the world, even if items are properly marked, without an enterprise-wide, carefully orchestrated marking effort, opportunities for error are too numerous to enumerate.

To view the full IUID marking guide click here.