When we started the year, the March 2011 UID Forum in Orlando Florida www.uidforum.com seemed so far away. Now we’re only two week away from the debut of numerous and exciting IUID products and services that have been developed for the DoD and DoD contractor enterprise. Here are my top three picks:

  1. Web-based UID Asset Tracking – Representing almost two years of development from A2B, this asset tracking software is 100% web-based, with integrated 2D bar code (UID) scanning for capturing movement of assets. Check out our demonstrations which will include performing a wall-to-wall inventory or cycle count, managing UIDs to a location, and providing UID lifecycle updates to the IUID Registry.
  2. Mobility – It’s impossible to talk about UID and asset tracking without the use of powerful mobile computers or handheld devices. A2B will be showcasing state-of-the-art durable tablet devices that either leverage the “cloud” or operate inside a firewall.
  3. Seek and Apply Marking Team – If you have ever been concerned about getting IUIDs on legacy items or GFP but you’re not sure how to get it done, come talk to the A2B Seek and Apply marking team leaders. They will give you insight into the planning process, but just as important, they can also speak directly to the return on investment you can realize by hiring them to perform a full scale inventory.