Unique Device Identification and Your Business Health

Aging populations, product recalls and financial pressures are placing greater emphasis on maintaining item visibility across the supply chain. Gaining insight into the quality and compliance of your product, from design to delivery, is crucial to optimizing your business performance. Whether your focus is in regulatory affairs, manufacturing operations, IT, or managing quality and compliance, at the end of the day, you have to meet increasingly stringent FDA requirements. That means you need a strategy to implement Unique Device Identification (UDI) throughout your organization and supply chain. And you need a trusted partner who can help you make it happen.Medical

Faster Time to Market

The highly regulated nature of the healthcare industry, with its premarket approval requirements, make it difficult to predict when your product ships. A2B Tracking’s enterprise-class software enables your organization to streamline serialization and item management and optimize your production line for UDI

application. We help you choose the right hardware to print, tag, and verify. With the right processes in place, you can accelerate time to market and realize revenue faster.

Quicker Response to Product Recalls

Recalls, counterfeit products and waste impact your bottom line and your public image. A2B enables total inventory transparency, letting you capture accurate, serialized data and monitor item custody, location, lots, batches, part numbers, expiration data, and audit trails. You experience easier end-to-end traceability and security, while reducing medical errors and allowing quicker, more accurate product identification after it ships.

Access Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

If you’re responsible for compliance you need quick access to your data, wherever you are. Managing data across multiple systems and locations to ensure asset visibility promotes enhanced collaboration across your enterprise. A2B’s cloud-based, centralized database lets you access data instantly, and share it with existing applications and the UDID database. Capture data from 1D, 2D barcodes and RFID into one record and one system. Then leverage your investment in existing software and synchronize data with other software or work directly in our application.

Find out how we can help you track your assets effectively and ensure regulatory compliance. A2B experts evaluate, propose, and implement a solution based on industry best practices. We can identify, mark, and track your assets for you, or train your team to do it. Call today to a get started with a complete solution that leverages your existing data and integrates seamlessly into your enterprise.


A solution to
track assets and report
with military precision.

A solution to
meet 100% military compliance
and achieve total peace of mind.

Custom IUID Labels and
Military Shipping Labels (MSL)
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