A2B UID Tracker™ for Apple® iPhone® and iPad® Released

Expanding Mobile Footprint for IUID

(Portsmouth, RI) July 23, 2013 – A2B Tracking Solutions has released its latest mobile app, A2B UID Tracker™ for Apple iPhone and iPad in support of the Department of Defense (DoD) MIL-STD-130 for marking military property. Intended specifically for a mobile workforce, the app allows DoD contractors, Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and military equipment custodians, logisticians and maintenance personnel to scan IUID barcodes for syntax validation and IUID Registry checks, and share the results via text message or email. The embedded scan engine is optimized to ensure readability on all types of label materials whether the IUID barcode is printed black on white, or, in the case of polyacrylic and aluminum labels and plates, white on black.

“Our goal with this app is to offer a free quality control tool that uses consumer technology to ensure consistency as IUID marking and registration expand around the globe,” A2B President and CEO, Peter Collins, explains. “Smartphones and tablets are transforming today’s supply chains. Managers are now complementing their industrial-grade mobile hardware with less expensive, more intuitive devices and apps that are widely available and track items globally. As a leading developer of mobile item tracking software, we take pride in bringing greater productivity to an increasingly mobile workforce.”

The free A2B UID Tracker mobile for the iPhone and iPad are available on the App Store℠. The previously released A2B UID Tracker for the Android® is available at the Google Play™ Store.


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