DataMan 7500V Verifier Overview

DataMan® 2D Data Matrix verifiers ensure code quality and contract compliance in addition to breakthrough code reading, there are DataMan® products for every step of the DPM process, including IUID verification, and validation. Easy-to-use and reliable DataMan products enable quality control solutions for applications having extremely high DPM code read rates – critical to product traceability.

DM7500V High-Reliability Portable Verification
DataMan brings a “first” to industry portability. This enables manufacturers and depots to perform verification on the factory floor, rather than at a fixed verification setup, at a remote location. The combination of AIM compliance and portability provides users with advantages that set the DataMan 7500 series verifier apart from all others. The DataMan 7500V 2D Data MatrixVerifier incorporates 30 degree dark field lighting and is ideal for verifying nameplates and other flat parts.

  • Corded and cordless models provide solutions for stationary and mobile reading applications (especially useful for larger parts)
  • Mechanical standoff ensures uniform illumination and a fixed working distance.


  • AIM DPM compliance: Software, integrated lighting and optics allow code verification to the latest AIM Direct Part Mark Quality Guideline
  • Fully integrated design: Lighting, camera, processor, and communications – all in an industrial housing
  • Certified calibration: DataMan verifiers includes a certified and traceable calibration target for establishing AIM DPM reflectance values
  • Ease of Use: Plus the reliable and consistent performance of DataMan series readers


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