Trotec 100 Lasers

The Entry-level Laser Engraver Speedy 100speedy_100_01-HiRes1-150x150

Trotec 100 Lasers are the only lasers that are fully upgradeable through three different levels of Software. You can start working with the Speedy 100 in no time due to the easy-to-use software and upgrade to the “Expert”-level at any time.

  • Working area (24″ x 12″) 610 x 305 mm
  • Laser power ranging from 12W to 45W “Sealed” CO2 laser
  • Closed Laser System
  • Sealed Interior Components with Trotec InPack-Technology
  • Electronically Controlled Z-Axis
  • Maintenance-Free Brushless Servomotors
  • JobControl Job Management Software

Speedy 100 Brochure

Technical Details

  • Working area (24″ x 12″) 610 x 305 mm
  • Machine dimensions (38.3″ x 30.1″ x 18″) 974 x 765 x 457 mm
  • Material size (24″ x 12″) 610 x 305 mm
  • Material height (6.7″)  170 mm
  • Laser power ranging from 12W to 45W “Sealed” CO2 laser
  • Speed (70 – 110”/sec)  180 – 280 cm/sec

Safe Laser Operation
Due to its unique enclosure design, the Speedy 100 is certified Laser Safety Class 2. It can operate safely in any production environment.

Industrial Grade Components 
The individual components in the motion system, optics train, the electronics, processing head and the laser source, all stand out due to their quality and construction.

JobControl Print Driver Software 
With the intuitive Trotec JobControl Expert software, engraving and cutting jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently.  more about JobControl Software

Focal Length Lenses 
The 1.5”, 2.0″ and 2.5″ lenses are the necessary tools for a flexible and high-quality material processing.

Exhaust Systems 
A high-performance exhaust system is indispensable for the safe operation of your laser system. It protects your employees and the environment from harmful dusts and fumes during laser processing, and also ensures long-term and dependable operation.

About Trotec

Trotec is a leading international provider of advanced laser equipment for a range of applications, from laser cutting and engraving to industrial marking. Trotec’s laser engravers and cutters stand for quality, reliability, and innovation. We offer best-in-class systems that deliver top performance and ROI, and custom solutions that can address every type of laser engraving, cutting and marking need.


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