WAWF eBusiness Software for MIL-STD-129 and IUID Compliance

Your equipment has been in design and production for months, even years, and now it’s time to deliver. Don’t let your invoices get rejected because your iRAPT submission isn’t ready.

UC! Web Software

UC! Web integrates to the WAWF eBusiness Suite and manages Military Standard 129 contract obligations for your Military Shipping Labels. UC! Web seamlessly submits invoices and receiving reports with your corresponding  IUIDs directly to iRAPT. There’s no time-consuming manual paperwork or transposing of data from one system to next using spreadsheets – everything you need is in one application. UC! Web’s WAWF Manager software generates Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), Receiving Reports as well as DD250, Combo, and DD1149 reports and automatically submits data electronically into the iRAPT system for instant receipt. It’s that simple.

Key Advantages

  • On-time payment— UC! Web’s end-to-end solution ensures timely payment of invoices
  • Automated reporting — ship and submit receiving reports to iRAPT and WAWF from a single application
  • Accessibility— create invoices and Military Shipping Labels from any location across your facility
  • Flexibility— scan and create your shipping list as you go
  • Pick and ship— select items with IUID to ship and assign them to a container



UC! Web WAWF Manager lets you create RFID-enabled Military Shipping Labels (MSLs) with a hierarchy of data from item to container. Assign IUIDs, create RFID labels and print Military Shipping Labels all from a single software application. An end-to-end solution lets you quickly scan IUIDs from a mobile device to create and manage your military shipment. When you’re ready, print and affix your military shipping label and submit your information to the WAWF system. You can even print and use a shipping label on items you only want to send internally within your organization.


A solution to
track assets and report
with military precision.

A solution to
meet 100% military compliance
and achieve total peace of mind.

Custom IUID Labels and
Military Shipping Labels (MSL)
shipped to my door.