In the Field or in the Depot, We’ve Got You Automated.

UC! Web™ lets you fully automate your maintenance process so you can deliver quality parts and equipment on time, from one system – anytime, anywhere. This ground-breaking software lets you capture accurate data and manage the movement and condition of your kits and parts in your tool crib, across a base, in regional facilities or around the globe.

  • Create, scan or import serialized item data
  • Create serialized asset unique identifiers
  • Match the unique identifier to the item pedigree
  • Support embedded relationships
  • Scan and track for location and custodian transfer
  • Track the condition of your items through a chain of custody
  • Keep inventory counts of items with low quantity warnings
  • Scan or manually check items in or out
  • Track calibration dates to prevent usage of equipment out of calibration
  • Create work orders that group tools and parts
  • Submit data electronically to the IUID Registry
  • Monitor and measure with item-level reporting

UC! Web means quicker, more informed decisions, leading to higher overall material readiness, reduced item repair and lifecycle costs. Having the right systems and technology ensures data accuracy and streamlines item tracking, keeping your facility operating at peak performance. Having automated processes ensures accurate item traceability with the confidence that what you get is calibrated and in excellent condition.

  • Automate maintenance processesMntnceWrenches
  • Ensure uncompromised quality
  • Boost maintenance productivity
  • Quickly locate tools and parts
  • Lower item lifecycle cost
  • Reduce repair times
  • Control inventory
  • Eliminate stock outs


  • Check out/in to temporary workers
  • Control of both serialized and non-serialized items
  • Inventory control for tool crib parts
  • Condition code to lock tools for use if they need repair
  • Track calibration dates and prevent usage of equipment out of calibration
  • Automate check-in/check-out processby scanning items or control manually
  • Mobile tool crib application with all features handled by the web

Work Orders & Task Orders

  • Create work orders grouping tools and parts
  • Track availability of items for work orders



Property Management

Manufacturing & Shipping

Operations & Logistics

Program Management