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CIOReview: 20 Most Promising Defense Solutions Providers, January 2015
Pioneering the Ability to Track Assets Across its Lifecycle
Providing asset tracking and compliance systems for defense and commercial enterprises, A2B Tracking Solutions has thrived and evolved driving innovative automatic identification solutions to capture, manage, and track asset data.

UID – then what? ROI from deploying Track & Trace by Data Capture Institute, Inc.  
Introduction Data Capture Institute has been tasked by A2B Tracking Solutions to estimate the return on investment (ROI) that organizations can expect when budgeting for tracking of items under their control. Tracking..

Life-cycle Events and Government Furnished Property
UID compliance is more than just assigning the mark and notifying the IUID Registry. Full compliance also includes ongoing item maintenance and end-of-life disposition, events that require updates and reporting to the Re..

Develop a QA Process for UID Verification and Validation
Don’t take it on faith that the labels and plates you accept from your label supplier, sub or prime contractor are appropriate for the lifecycle of the item intended and contain the correct information. At the end o..

Five Stages of UID Adoption
A2B Tracking Solutions entered the UID market as a solution provider early on. Our Board Chairman was a member of the integrated product team (IPT) working with the DoD UID Program Office, and as a bar code pioneer he saw..

Good Data Management is the Key to Virtual UII Success
If you have legacy equipment in the field or GFP (government furnished property) you can create and register a UII (unique item identifier) without marking the item directly. However, creating a mark from a UII file and p..

Pondering UID solution choices? Find help here
There is no question about it; UID momentum is growing like a snowball rolling downhill. From factory assembly lines to military warehouses UID, in the form of Data Matrix barcodes, is becoming nearly as familiar as the g..

UID = A Wealth of Possibility
Imagine the possibilities of utilizing UID beyond compliance. Once the thought, energy and expense have been expended to become UID compliant, why not reap the huge benefits that are available, beyond compliance? In a pre..

The Battle for Visibility
Asset visibility has taking a giant leap forward with the implementation of the US Department of Defense (DoD) Unique Item Identification (IUID) and passive RFID initiatives. Asset visibility enables the military to answe..

Implementing Item Unique Identification in DoD
(From Defense AT&L: July-August 2007) “Making a Difference for Asset Visibility, Management, and Accountability” (Defense AT&L, May-June 2007) explained the Department of Defense program for Item Unique Identifica..

Making a Difference for Asset Visibility, Management, and Accountability
(From Defense AT&L: May-June 2007) Item Unique Identification, or IUID, is a capability that requires a globally unique identifier for items, along with the ability to consistently and accurately distinguish any item ..

Moving to Paperless GFP – A Contractor’s Property Director and the Program Office Provide Transition
Those of you who have been following the roll-out of Item Unique Identification (IUID) for Government Furnished Property know that an important milestone is looming. GFP is going paperless. Current reporting of GFP utiliz..

Marking technologies ensure BAE compliance with DoD UID requirements
In December 2005, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) issued MIL-STD-130M superseding MIL-STD-130L as the standard practice for identification marking on U.S. military property. Unlike other industry specifi..

UID Spells Opportunity For Smart Government Contractors
(The Property Professional, Vol7.Number2, The National Property Management Association) After many good intentions and false starts, beginning with the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990, it is happening: the Federa..