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Case Studies

A2B clients have lots to say about the technical problems we help them solve, the time they are saving and the “headaches” that have gone away. To learn how others are using A2B products and services check out the following Case Studies

U.S. Military Benefits From RFID
A military armory can house over 1500 individual weapons of all shapes and sizes, including: M4 Carbine Rifle, M9 Pistols, M16 A2 Rifles, M24 Sniper Rifles, M249 Assault Rifles, M203 Grenade Launchers, M240B Machine Guns, and Model 870™ Modular Combat Shotguns.

Barrett Firearms Implements IUID
Barrett Firearms designs and manufactures large-caliber rifles and is an innovator in optics for long-range shooters. When the DoD selected Barrett to provide M107 rifles for their active duty soldiers, they insisted that all rifles be marked with an IUID label.

VT Miltope Becomes IUID Compliant
I was quickly impressed by A2B’s knowledge of IUID policy and technology, responsiveness, and the ability to work closely with a veteran barcode label expert to design the right label for VT Miltope.

U.S. Army Depot Utilizes IUID
When we talked with people from other depots who had tried to design their own systems, they told us their efforts didn’t work out. So we decided to save time by buying a good system and then we just started marking.

U.S. Navy Crane Gains Efficiency With IUID
We make every effort to pass the marking obligation down to the manufacturer,” Rogerson says. “When items arrive without the IUID label it slows down work flow, because labels must be affixed before we can accept contracted parts.

TCOM L.P. Gains IUID Compliance
Lead production planner Bryan Peiffer says, “Our first challenge was grasping what IUID is. We initially had small bits of lots of information but no definitive answers to the question.” The next significant challenge was to marry the old with the new, namely to implement unique serialized item tracking (IUID) alongside the prevailing corporate culture of non-unique serialized tracking assigned through the legacy MRP system.

IUID Compliance Aids L-3
L-3’s Advanced Products & Design Division (AP&D) offers a unique product and service portfolio for commercial and government customers developing mission-critical and real-time applications. After hearing about The Department of Defense’s new IUID policy requirements in order to bid and complete on DoD contracts, L-3 knew that they had to act quick.

How the Air Force Successfully Utilizes IUID Labeling
In working with the Air Force since 2008, A2B has been a significant partner in IUID rollout. The Air Force has been a leader
in IUID implementation since the program was introduced in 2003. In the last five years, A2B has manufactured and delivered
approximately 3 million IUID labels to USAF bases worldwide.

Why Barrett Firearms Relies On IUID To Enhance Military Tracking?
When the Department of Defense selected Barrett Firearms to provide M107 rifles for Army war fighters, they insisted that the rifles be marked with a IUID label. As a result, Barrett, which designs and manufactures large-caliber rifles and is an innovator in optics for long-range shooters, was faced with a challenge.

Combining IUID Tracking and Reporting with Military Maintenance
In the world of identifying, marking and tracking critical assets, the challenge is finding a system that manages all of the steps of compliance, which include creating the UII, marking the item, verifying and validating the mark and submitting the information to the IUID Registry. A2B Tracking, a leader and innovator in IUID and RFID software, systems and services for accurately identifying, marking and tracking critical assets allows the Department of Defense and DoD contractors to do just that.

Military Depot Speeds Up Maintenance Cycle Times with IUID
Web-based software with mobile devices saves countless man-hours Charlie Fargo, director of maintenance at one of the military’s largest manufacturing depots, has been deeply involved with IUID since 2007 when he first sat down with A2B Tracking engineers to explore his options for compliance.

IUID Meets Legacy By: Rick Triviso, PG09/MCSC/USMC IUID Legacy Program Team Leader
The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is actively moving out on DoD’s directive to mark Legacy equipment…

L-3 Communications/ComCept Division
John Messersmith is Logistics Manager at the company’s new warehouse in Rockwall, TX where 2 people handle DoD…

Oldenburg Group Incorporated Case Study
OGI is a diversified industrial manufacturing company based in Milwaukee, WI. In 1987 OGI acquired Lake Shore, Inc., …

Zebra Technologies Provides Durable UID Labeling Solution for J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd.
J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd. (JCB) is a Staffordshire, England-based manufacturer of heavy equipment, such as backhoe loaders…

ZEBRA Case Study – DoD supplier takes integrated approach to satisfy UID and RFID
Gyrocam Systems, LLC is the industry leader in ground and airborne surveillance solutions for law enforcement…

Melton Sales & Service Inc.
Melton Sales & Service has been doing business with the government, repairing specialized military…