Marking Construct for UID Labels

Among the earliest steps an enterprise must make is the choice of the marking construct to apply to items under its control.  IUID policy gives an enterprise in possession of government items two choices in marking construct.  These are:

  • UII Construct #1, serialization within the enterprise identifier
  • UII Construct #2, enterprise identifier plus serialization within the original part, lot or batch number

An enterprise is the entity responsible for assigning the unique identifier to an item. The enterprise identifier typically recommended for GFP would be the CAGE code, for reasons of simplicity and contract consistency.

Example – Construct #1 property tag for GFP items (1.75”x.50”)

The UII (above) would be D7A72000000001

For items that are serialized within the enterprise identifier, unique identification is achieved by a combination of the issuing agency code (IAC) here indicated with the character “D”, enterprise identifier (EID) 7A720, and the serial number (sequence starting with00000001). The unique serial (or sequence) number within the enterprise identifier is a combination of numbers or letters assigned by the enterprise to an item that provides for the differentiation of that item from any other like or unlike item and is never used again within the enterprise identifier. The data elements of enterprise identifier and unique serial number within the enterprise identifier provide the permanent identification for the life cycle of the item.  This string of characters is sent to the IUID Registry to become the UII.  The UII is not intended to be “parse-able” and only points to records in various DoD databases where item activity or pedigree is recorded.

Typically Construct #1 is recommended because:

  • Construct #1 is preferred in marking GFP (or PIPC)
  • Construct #1 is efficient for marking equipment from other sources if they have not been previously marked.


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