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Understanding just how you will benefit using advanced barcode and RFID for asset tracking and meeting compliance can be daunting. Relax.
Learn from our ongoing A2B Tracking webinar series which will teach you topic-by-topic exactly how you can leverage the expanding advantages of today’s barcode (IUID) and RFID technology while meeting your reporting obligations. 

Free Webinars On-Demand

UC! Web Mobile

UC! Mobile Product Demonstration

A2B Tracking invites you to watch this free online discussion and software demonstration between Kristen Manley, Implementation Engineer and Bobby Peckham, Solutions Engineer and Peter Collins, CEO, that will review new groundbreaking features that enable UC! Web™ mobile computing capabilities using virtually any mobile computing device.

Asset Tracking and
Managing Compliance in 2017

A2B Tracking invites you to watch this free online discussion between Peter Collins, CEO, Darryl Layne, CTO and Bobby Peckham, Solutions Engineer that will explore the most impactful changes to asset tracking and managing compliance in 2017.

FIAR’s Impact on Property Management

Join us in this live webinar to learn how Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) will impact the property management community. FIAR is bearing down on a major audit-readiness deadline at the end of FY2017 (September 30, 2017). This deadline will have impact on all property managers. This session will address this impact and how to prepare.

Implementing IUID
and RFID and the
Top Pitfalls to Avoid

DCMA’s focus on IUID and RFID audits throughout the defense community is increasing at a rapid rate. A2B Tracking invites you to watch this free on-demand webinar that will teach you how to implement an IUID and RFID program across your organization and provide you the latest changes from the policy office.

How Property Reporting is Changing Asset Tracing | A2B Tracking Solutions

How iRAPT and the IUID Registry are Changing Property Reporting

Since January 1, 2014, DoD reporting to the IUID Registry includes all GFP. They have expanded capabilities in iRAPT to capture property transfers in support of the electronic management of GFP data and amended DFARS to add instructions for utilizing the WAWF Reparable Receiving Report. Watch this free discussion between A2B Tracking’s Asset Management Expert, Pat Jacklets and Solution Engineer, Bobby Peckham.

How to Get Your
IUID Labels Audit-Ready

A2B Tracking invites you to watch a free discussion between Peter Collins, CEO and Dan Faria, IUID Labels Specialist that will explore steps involved in choosing the right material for the right military asset, changes to IUID reporting and what it means to meet all DFARS asset identification standards.

Surviving DCMA –
Barcodes, RFID and iRAPT

DCMA’s attention toward IUID on assets, RFID on shipments and iRAPT (formerly WAWF) reporting throughout the defense community is increasing at a rapid rate. Watch this free webinar and learn about the DCMA’s role, inspection of shipments, approving payments, property audits and the consequences of non-conformance.

UID 201: Implementing
IUID and the
Top Pitfalls to Avoid

Watch this free webinar that will teach you how to implement an IUID program across your organization. We take you step by step through IUID workflow, starting with your contract. We walk you through all of the requirements including barcode validation and verification, and WAWF and IUID registration. When you complete the webinar, you’ll have the information you need to support a new program or improve your current one.

How RFID is Changing
Asset Tracking

A2B Tracking invites you to watch a free discussion between Peter Collins, CEO and Darryl Layne, CTO that will explore why RFID should be considered when implementing an automated asset tracking solution. We step you through the top 5 questions you should be asking when assessing barcode versus RFID, what “real time” asset tracking really means, how to evaluate savings and which organizations desperately need it.

Barcode vs. RFID
When Tracking Assets

Explore the top 4 factors that determine the use of barcode versus RFID technology in tracking and accounting for equipment, parts, vehicles, weaponry and other critical assets. The session touches on the working principles behind each technology and compares whether linear or 2-dimensional barcode, or RFID tags, are the best choice when all key factors are weighed. A2B President and CEO, Peter Collins, is your presenter.

UID 101:
The Basics

IUID 101 is the industry primer for understanding Item Unique Identification (IUID). Designed to support Department of Defense asset managers, DoD contractors and suppliers who are tasked with implementing IUID compliance, it offers the fundamental concepts and practical insight required to translate the opportunities of IUID technology into an actionable asset management strategy.

IUID Implementation for Property Managers

Designed to help property and asset professionals implement IUID barcode technology to meet new government standards for managing government property, this webinar lays out a clear path to full IUID implementation – from planning a strategy and defining team roles, to assessing system needs, managing data and selecting an IUID partner.

The GAO Report on IUID and Clean Audit Policy

Learn how you can effectively meet DoD-mandated Clean Audit and FIAR initiatives today using Item Unique Identification (IUID) – a marking method used to give equipment a unique ID. A recent GAO Report again affirms the requirement for IUID and the latest FIAR Guidance communicates goals to accelerate audit readiness by the end of 2014.