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The GAO Report on IUID and Clean Audit Policy

Webinar Overview

Learn how you can effectively meet DoD-mandated Clean Audit and FIAR initiatives today using Item Unique Identification (IUID)- method used to give equipment a unique ID mark. A recent GAO Report again affirms the requirement for IUID and the latest FIAR Guidance communicates goals to accelerate audit readiness by the end of 2014.

Join us to learn…

  • Key points from the GAO Report and how it relates to FIAR
  • How to effectively implement the requirements of the mandate, turning policy into reality today
  • What IUID means for legacy equipment, new end items, and GFP
  • How IUID provides asset visibility and accountability to more efficiently move supplies to our warfighters
  • How automation of item identification eliminates slow-paced and error-prone manual procedures and more…

Get ahead of the IUID Compliance curve today. Be prepared for your next contract or project and learn what you need to do about the mandate to implement IUID and how you can do it – today.

Featured Speaker: Peter Collins, CEO and President of A2B Tracking Solutions

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Duration: 1 hour