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UID 101

Webinar Overview

UID 101 is designed to support the Department of Defense, DoD contractors and suppliers who are faced with implementing UID (Unique Identification) compliance. You will gain insight and clarity about the complex UID requirements and learn where to go for support.

Here is some of what you’ll learn:

  • The background and intent of UID policy and MIL STD 130
  • Strategies for meeting UID requirement challenges
  • Where RFID and UID policies intersect
  • The areas of your business affected by UID compliance
  • The various technologies available to comply
  • How A2B Tracking can support your compliance requirement

Presented by David Collins from Data Capture Institute in support of A2B Tracking Solutions, Inc.. David is a bar code pioneer and founder of Computer Identics Corp., the first company to patent and manufacture bar code scanners, David is widely recognized as an expert in automatic identification technology (AIT).

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Duration: 1 hour