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Best Practice: Submitting data to the IUID Registry White Paper

If you’re not submitting data to the IUID Registry and WAWF using today’s best practices, you risk having your shipment returned or not getting paid at all. This white paper gives you some tips on avoiding the most common IUID Registry submission pitfalls.
You will learn:

  • Why you shouldn’t manage your data by “spreadsheet”
  • The six most common IUID Registry and WAWF data submission mistakes
  • How to implement a fail-safe data management solution
  • The importance choosing the right IUID and WAWF data management experts

Download the White Paper and see how you can immediately improve how you submit data to the IUID Registry.

Get on top of IUID Compliance White Paper

With the right solution, your IUID compliance strategy can become your best business strategy.
This white paper discusses how:

  • An in-house turnkey IUID system puts compliance under your control
  • A typical IUID system implementation leads to some surprising ROI results
  • IUID can be the operational standard to use throughout your enterprise
  • IUID professional services can get the job done for you with minimal interruption

Download the White paper and see how the positive affects of IUID on your ROI are something you shouldn’t ignore.

Property Manager’s Guide to IUID Compliance White Paper

You know you have to meet IUID compliance standards for all your GFP, but you’re not sure where to start. Heck, you might not even know what IUID is. Don’t worry. A2B Tracking has your back with the Property Manager’s IUID Getting Started Guide. It gives you everything you need to get your organization in compliance with upcoming Federal IUID mandates regarding GFP:

  • Learn the basics about IUID auto-identification technology
  • Understand why property managers are mandated to use IUID
  • Get tips on how to pull together a team and form a strategy to get it done
  • Find out how A2B Professional Services can handle any and all phases of IUID implementation you need help with

Get started right now by downloading your free step-by-step property manager’s guide to a successful IUID implementation process.