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IUID Marking & Data Capture

IUID Marking & Data Capture

Do Data Right with A2B IUID Marking & Data Capture

A2B’s IUID Marking & Data Capture teams are your best solution to meeting strict MIL-STD-130 standards. A seek-and-apply marking team from A2B not only makes you IUID compliant, but also delivers the accurate, up-to-date inventory results you’ve been striving for. Enlisting an A2B team is one of the best decisions you can make. Our intra-operative teams travel anywhere in the world, including remote and ‘in-theater’ locations. And we have the bandwidth to tackle numerous enterprise sites simultaneously, leveraging shared organizational knowledge and boosting economies of scale.

  • Ensure accurate inventory with updated and cleansed item pedigree
  • Correctly mark items the first time and with the right materials
  • Successfully submit item pedigree data to the IUID Registry

IUID Marking & Data Capture Military

A2B Marking & Data Capture teams are trained to operate with low impact and high productivity. We come in, do the job correctly and get out. Chances are the whole process will be completed with no disruption to your normal activity. And except for a temporary liaison you provide at each site, your personnel stay keep to their regular duties..

Seek and Apply IUID Marking and Data Registration Services (.pdf)