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SolutionsEnd-to-end Auto ID and Compliance Systems

The ability to identify and track critical items and assets throughout their lifecycle, and to more precisely manage production, inventory and supply chain logistics is essential to organizational competitiveness and preparedness. This is especially true for highly regulated industries and environments where failure to comply with increasingly stringent process and quality standards is not an option. Item quality must be unquestionable. And there is little tolerance for supply chain or production line bottlenecks.

A2B offers manufacturers and government agencies Auto ID and compliance solutions for asset identification, marking and tracking that leverage powerful automatic identification (Auto ID) technologies. These include linear and unique-item identification (IUID) 2-dimensional Data Matrix barcodes, as well as radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, which can be affixed to critical parts, assets and equipment so that their identifying data can be easily traced and recorded. Auto ID ensures items are ‘visible’ any time, from anywhere.

Auto ID Systems
Identify, track and trace assets, parts and equipment from production through disposition to ensure item readiness for usability and inventory audits. Meet evolving military and commercial compliance standards, eliminate costly errors associated with manual data entry, and integrate your Auto ID solution into existing ERP and financial systems.

IUID Compliance
Meet DoD MIL-STD-130 standards for IUID barcode labels and plates on all applicable assets and be prepared for clean audit and FIAR mandates while achieving your IUID implementation goals. Reliably verify, validate and register labels and plates for end-item deliverables, government furnished property or legacy items. Also, comply with the DoD’s WAWF and IUID registration requirements.

Asset Management
Accurately manage and track the serialized and non-serialized assets you’re accountable for throughout their lifecycle and meet evolving commercial and military compliance standards. Cloud-based tracking software, labels, industrial hardware and mobile applications combine to give you total asset visibility around the globe.

Track and Trace
Know exactly where your items are, where they’ve been, and how many there are with A2B asset tracking solutions. Locate items by unit, case, pallet or container. Determine item condition, custody and availability. Enable precise and efficient recalls. And make sure items are authentic and not tampered with.

Shipping and Invoicing
Manage Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) and Military Shipping labels for packing, shipping and invoicing requirements to military standards using IUID barcodes and RFID tags with cloud-enabled software. Electronically submit Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) and DD250 reports, generate WAWF Combo reports for submission, and process DD 1149 for property transfer.

Identification & Marking
Create, print, verify and mark serialized item and asset tags using A2B’s Auto ID-enabled labels and plates, advanced systems and services. Leverage barcode and RFID technologies to access and manage item-unique data on key components and match specific components with end-item assemblies. The goal is to help you plan resources better and make more informed decisions on asset ordering and allocation.

Counterfeit Prevention
Fight the presence of counterfeit items in the supply chain with layered item authentication solution. We apply advanced physical-layer authenticating techniques with the use of item-unique serialized global identifiers such as IUID barcodes to make it virtually impossible for counterfeiters to duplicate.

Lower your IT overhead costs by managing assets throughout their lifecycle in a single application. A2B web-based software ties together linear and IUID barcodes and RFID tags with integrated mobile scanning technology, mobile computers and smartphones – all hosted and connected to the A2B cloud.

To keep operations running smoothly, cut costs and to ensure consistent compliance with quality standards, organizations such as the Department of Defense and defense contractors, commercial manufacturers, energy companies and higher education institutions look to A2B Tracking.