RFID Journal LIVE Takeaways

I had the opportunity to attend and to speak at the RFID Journal LIVE Conference earlier this month and it proved to be a very worthy event. There was a host of new technologies and new applications of RFID that were being showcased at the event that will undoubtedly improve data capture and accuracy [...]

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RFID Journal LIVE! 2017

Peter Collins, President and CEO at A2B Tracking, will be a speaker and panelist at RFID Journal LIVE! 2017. This premier RFID Technology conference will be held on May 9-11, at Arizona's Phoenix Convention Center. Key themes among all of the sessions will be the use of RFID to improve the customer experience and [...]

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How to Install an RFID Tracking System

The time needed to implement an RFID system greatly depends on the scope of the implementation. But assuming it’s a purely mobile-play solution where assets are tagged with RFID and mobile computers are used to inventory these tags, RFID technology can be implemented within a couple days. On the other end of that range, it [...]

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RFID and Asset Tracking: Year in Review

“RFID-Enabled Walkie-Talkies Help Track Remote Workers” “Intel Unveils RFID System for Retailers” “RFID to Bring Literacy to Down Syndrome Children” “In Dunwoody, Ga., Police Use RFID to Open Gates” The above headlines all appeared in the trade magazine RFID Journal in the year 2015. You only need to read a few of the approximately 250 [...]

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Unique RFID Solutions

  RFID technology (which stands for "radio-frequency identification") allows organizations to track assets with a higher level of efficiency, accuracy, and comprehensiveness than ever before. One of the most valuable benefits for an organization implementing RFID is the significant decrease in the necessary amount of human resources; the data collected with RFID technology is often [...]

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Asset Tracking vs. Inventory Management

Asset tracking and inventory management, while both crucial to an operation’s success, share commonalities. In a nutshell: asset tracking via auto ID technology such as barcode and RFID technology will inherently manage inventory, but inventory management is a broad practice that encompasses many facets of a successful operations. Rather, it is simply one of many [...]

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How to Use Technology to Boost Warehouse Productivity

Warehouses are systems and every system can be improved upon. Every business wants to enhance optimization, improving cycle times while reducing expenses. Fortunately, modern technology has improved operations—creating efficient environments capable of completing a multitude of tasks. The technological tools below enhance warehouse productivity, creating streamlined environments capable of increasing speed, feedback, growth and success. [...]

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Top 10 Reasons Why Asset Managers Use RFID Technology

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID technology is used to identify and manage assets, and is becoming increasingly more popular among asset managers. The technology has become highly reliable, and managers are finding that implementing RFID tags and readers increases asset tracking accuracy and boosts business. The following are the top ten reasons why asset managers [...]

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