When dealing with highly regulated industries, tracking physical assets in an organized and efficient manner is vital. Military standards for IUID compliance mandated by the Department of Defense are no exception when it comes to regulating contractors that provide goods and services to the military.

Asset tracking requires the coordination of a vast amount of data from various systems, manual proceses or spreadsheets within an organization. With enterprise data management software, asset tracking and IUID compliance are simplified with more effective and succinct ways to identify, mark and track assets. Highly regulated management of assets has a direct result on a company’s asset Return On Investment (ROI). Leveraging state-of-the-art software to improve your asset accountability will increase annual returns considerably. Below are three benefits of enterprise asset tracking and data management software utilization:

1)     Identifying

Proper identification of assets when managing high quantities of asset data is vital to continued success of your company’s established systems. Asset identification through effective scanning and labeling of asset tags is possible through integrated software. When using A2B Tracking’s UC! Web™ you can create unique barcode or RFID tags for automatic tracking throughout the complete lifecycle of your assets. With A2B’s enterprise-grade software you can track real-time serialized and non-serialized items.

2)     Marking

Automated processes streamline the marking process. Create linear and 2D Data Matrix barcodes and RFID labels. These can be updated at any point within the progress of the asset. Receiving full support for MIL STD 130 and 129 standards are key to maintaining effective IUID compliance. Ensuring that the proper materials are used for your labeling process is another vital component to labeling and asset tracking and reporting to iRAPT (formerly WAWF) and the IUID Registry. Use of high-quality material and immediate error-free integration with your software system allow for effective marking practices.

3)     Tracking

Enterprise software lets you take control of your asset lifecycle management by tracking all components of items. Your assets are valuable components of your business. Understanding and tracking their movement can give you key insights into asset optimization. A2B Tracking’s enterprise software gives you eyes on the ground with real-time asset tracking, and provides clear reporting of assets.

Control your assets, and become an industry leader by taking advantage of the best practices and automated technology. Leveraging enterprise software allows you the capabilities you need to track your assets, maintain military compliance standards, and improve your asset ROI.