(Portsmouth, RI) July 25, 2017 – A2B Tracking announces the integration of our flagship asset management and military compliance software called UC! Web™ with Oracle Financials. This Oracle integration further establishes UC! Web as the best in class solution for tracking critical assets and managing the complexities of compliance.

The UC! Web software provides an API using JSON to facilitate data transfer between the two software applications. Data that is shared between UC! Web and Oracle Fixed Assets includes IUIDs, part numbers, assets, registration status, location and SKU data to support the seamless data exchange of government property for tracking with 2D barcodes and reporting to the federal government.

“Since UC! Web manages assets and compliance for DoD agencies and the contractors who serve them, it was logical to provide direct integration to Oracle in order to improve automation when tracking and reporting contract obligations. This integration eliminates data redundancies, improves data accuracy, significantly improves efficiencies and maintains compliance for any defense agency or defense contractor who currently uses Oracle software.” Darryl Layne, Chief of Technology at A2B Tracking.

The seamless integration of UC! Web with Oracle software facilitates a powerful data exchange that enables improved asset management and military compliance. This Oracle integration enhances the UC! Web platform and reinforces its position as the leader in complete asset management solutions.

About A2B Tracking

A2B Tracking has pioneered military-grade enterprise-class solutions for identifying, marking and tracking critical assets for DoD agencies and the contractors who support them. A2B Tracking helps the enterprise take control of assets by providing cloud-based asset tracking and data management solutions that incorporate advanced barcode and RFID technologies. A2B Tracking enables total compliance to military asset and shipment identification standards and automates reporting to government systems.

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