It’s difficult to predict when OUSD memos come out and what they’ll look like when released. That said, the latest, “ IUID of Tangible Personal Property – Policy Refinement for Secondary Items in Use or in Inventory” dated Dec 30, 2010, is important. It stresses how critical property accountability is to DoD, while referencing a Joint Logistics Board (JLB) recommendation that it is still acceptable to count items where no item level traceability is required during that item’s lifecycle. In so many words, they refine the use of IUID for secondary items in use or inventory to include only those items that meet the following criteria:

  • DoD serially managed items
    • Sensitive, critical safety, or pilferable items
    • All depot-level reparable items
  • Items that the requiring activity decides UID is required

Lastly, it gives item and program managers the encouragement to require UID and IUID Registry submissions when it supports their Systems Engineering, Lifecycle Sustainment Plan, or UID Implementation Plans.