Within the military, the Air Force and the Marine Corps are leading the IUID implementation charge at this point. Each has a somewhat different approach, but the fundamentals are the same – getting the job done and doing it right. So what do they have in common that has led to widespread success?

We believe there is a lot to be learned from these practices that they share:

  • Each has strong leadership teams with insight at an enterprise level.
  • Both teams have put a great deal of effort into defining IUID implementation plans that are focused, but at the same time, flexible.
  • They both believe in a great deal of internal dialogue, accepting that very few will have the vision to understand the benefits downstream.
  • Neither the Air Force nor the Marines has operated in a vacuum. And even though they have highly knowledgeable consultants internally, they have also looked to external IUID experts in order to validate their plans.
  • Both have included IT very early in the process, recognizing that the proper handling of data and access to the right systems is critical to overall success.
  • Each has incorporated organic marking and data management as well as outsourced services.