AIM’s UID Supplier Alliance (USA) is hosting what may turn out to be a pivotal event in IUID adoption. Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who understands the broad spectrum benefits of IUID and has a particular interest in the problem of counterfeit parts in the military supply chain, has been instrumental in helping to support “Budget Cuts, Counterfeiting and Barcodes” to be held on June 19th in Washington, DC.

I will be emceeing the event where DoD officials, Senator Whitehouse’s Congressional colleagues and business leaders will learn how IUID is being used to reduce costs, improve management, increase readiness and prevent counterfeiting. The event, which will also touch upon recent reports and investigations by DoD and GAO will include a panel discussion and technology demonstrations.

Panel discussion members are Honorable Michael Wynne, Former Secretary of the Air Force and former Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense AT&L; Mr. Paul Peters, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Supply Chain Integration, OUSD (AT&L)/L&MR; Col Jack Wayman, Director, Integration Improvement Initiatives Official of the Deputy Chief of Staff G-8, Programs Headquarters, Department of the Army; Mr. Lou Kratz, Vice President, Logistics and Sustainment, Lockheed Martin Corp. and Mr. Chuck Evanhoe, Board, AIM North America. Lt. Col. (Ret) Greg Redick, President, Potomic Redan Associates, will moderate the panel.

Senator Whitehouse will be the featured guest speaker. I know the entire IUID community will echo my sincere appreciation for his interest and for this opportunity to showcase IUID, a technology that ameliorates a whole host of national security and budgetary challenges.