The prospect of getting audited by the federal Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) can feel daunting and nerve-racking. For your organization to be deemed compliant with DCMA’s exacting requirements and specifications for government contracts, all employees should have a thorough understanding of your property management and shipment requirements, Item Unique Identification (IUID) methods and reporting obligations. They also must understand how the various divisions of the company work together to attain and maintain IUID and shipment compliance.

If you are doing business with the US government (or you hope to…) — then Audit Preparation should be an integral part of your daily operations.  Do you think your organization is ready for a DCMA audit? Download our DCMA Survival Guide today.

DCMA Survival Guide

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • What the DCMA auditor looks for
  • Impacts of the FIAR Directorate
  • What happens if you’re deemed non-compliant
  • New technology and services available to help you
  • Preparing for survival

Although you may feel overwhelmed about preparing for a possible DCMA audit, it is far better to put in the time now than to be deemed non-compliant by a DCMA auditor.

Download A2B Tracking’s latest whitepaper — The DCMA Survival Guide  — and make sure that your audit preparation plan is DCMA ready.