There are times in every organization when items get lost. Being able to locate a misplaced item quickly and efficiently is a powerful advantage and a huge time saver. That’s why we’ve developed Pro-Locate™, an A2B Tracking software feature using RFID to help you find a specific asset that has gone missing.

Barcode technology relies on an assigned, designated location (or a “last known location”) for each asset. In a modern warehouse, there is a particular location for every unique asset. Obviously, sometimes there are multiple locations and any of those locations can change as long as those are recorded in the system. This best practice works extremely well most of the time — until the asset moves to a new location without being recorded. When this scenario happens barcode technology falls short.

We know better than anyone, that even with the best technology in place and with the most diligent workforce on hand — items get misplaced. It’s an unfortunate reality; but, assets are often not where they should be.


This is why we’ve developed our new proprietary Pro-Locate™ feature for your Smartphone. Finally, a pull of the trigger allows you to efficiently search entire facilities to locate a specific RFID-tagged asset that has gone missing. Using RFID, even assets not visible to the human eye can be found. For instance, assets stored inside containers, up on shelving, in drawers or stacked under piles of paperwork can all be detected using RFID.

Pro-Locate™ with Zebra RFD8500

Zebra RFD 8500 Handheld RFID Sled

Using the A2B Tracking platform and a smartphone connected to the Zebra RFD8500 scanner, you can sweep an entire area with mobile RFID searching only for the lost asset.

When the Pro-Locate feature detects the asset within a 10-foot range an audible tone and screen alert notifies the user of the detected asset.

When a missing asset has been confirmed within range, another trigger pull confirms that you’re headed in the direction of the missing asset until you collect the actual item.

Pro-Locate can reduce search times from many hours to just a few minutes.

Pro-Locate™ smartphone

Instead of searching your entire warehouse and looking in every possible location – the Pro-Locate™ feature leverages mobile RFID while you walk through your facility until the system reports a successful find.

To learn more about the A2B Tracking Asset Tracking technology and a demonstration of the Pro-Locate™ feature watch this quick 3-minute video.