Milan, Italy plays host to ID World, a strong, international annual ID industry event. This huge conference brings together professionals from the following AIT technologies and disciplines: bar code, RFID, biometrics, and smart cards.  Subjects ranged from securing personnel identity and payments over the Internet to tracking critical assets using global ID standards.

It’s clear that the combination of these technologies, working together, becomes a force multiplier.  Take for instance, the US military and the need to issue weapons (mission critical assets) to soldiers.  The authentication of a soldier’s identity by using a common access card (CAC) in combination with a scan of the IUID bar code on the weapon places custody of that weapon squarely in the hands of the soldier. In other words, person plus weapon combined with unique authentication results in a critical level of accountability for such an important exchange.

We will soon start to see more of these force multipliers while taking advantage of the global nature of the Internet.