When you have products or manage military property and equipment, there are expanding data requirements to meet when shipping and invoicing. Keeping up with these standards by being transparent with where your goods are and when they will be moving while still meeting compliance obligations is essential

Document Every Step

Collecting all the pertinent data can also mean juggling software and documents that literally throws your business up in the air. Through A2B turnkey systems, manufacturers and distributers can mark products and print labels that comply with Military Shipping Label (MSL) standards (including Radio Frequency Identification and MIL-STD-129 requirements). Once a shipment is underway, users can utilize hierarchal asset tracking from the pallet, case and individual items, then generate electronic shipment tracking and reports. This ensures that every step of a product moving from your hands to your consumers is completely and comprehensibly documented.

Use a Comprehensive Asset Tracking System

A2B combines IUID 2D Data Matrix barcodes and RFID into cloud-enabled platform complete with mobile computing. This makes for comprehensive asset tracking through both civilian and military channels. You can create advanced shipping notices (ASNs) and DD250 reports electronically with WAWF compliance for instant submission – meaning problems like a delay in payment and causing shipments to be rejected, can be handled with ease.

Micromanage Military and Corporate Assets

Precise data management is unbeatable when it comes to micromanaging your company’s assets in the market. A2B’s cloud-enabled asset tracking and data management software is designed specifically for the U.S. Department of Defense community but also benefits corporations.

Don’t Let Anything Fall through the Cracks

A2B offers an integrated e-Business solution to shipping and invoicing problems, developed to fit the needs of any defense contractor, OEM, manufacturer or property administrator. Its software suite features integrated data management to efficiently track manufacturing, quality control, packing, shipping and invoicing to protect yourself from products and shipments falling through the cracks.