Most of the Defense Industry is aware that the US Congress has mandated in the FIAR Directorate, that all DoD property be fully accountable by the end of Fiscal Year 2017.  Which means that if you are planning to do business with the DoD in Fiscal Year 2018 — your organization needs to be prepared for the FIAR (Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness) Initiative.

This major Department of Defense endeavor requires all military contractors and program managers to report property existence and to validate the completeness of their inventory records by that time. Whether you’re in one of the branches of the military or a military contractor, the process of reporting all of your item unique assets is no small task.

Don’t wait until the last minute, this major audit-readiness deadline will have an impact on all property managers.

Learn what steps your organization need to take to prepare to become Audit-Ready. Developing an audit readiness plan means that there are systems and processes in place that provide a clear audit trail to prove that all contract obligations are being met. These workflow processes need to be an integral part of your organization — and not just as an afterthought.

The Impact of the FIAR Deadlines

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Impact of FIAR Deadlines