Understanding the management of the data behind the IUID and iRAPT reporting process is critical to avoiding costly and time-consuming errors that lead to iRAPT and IUID Registry submission mistakes. Managing this process internally without using a comprehensive e-Business data management system is risky.

Manual Key Entry: A Labor-Intensive and Error-Prone Approach

Working with the iRAPT and the IUID registry websites is labor intensive because they require manual key entry. Even the best data entry specialist is bound to make errors. Transposing, or copy and paste errors where information is placed into the wrong field in an iRAPT form can quickly spell chaos. This challenge is made worse when hundreds or thousands of records need to be submitted with complete accuracy.

Security Restrictions Add Time and May Reduce Accuracy

Another frustration for personnel using the iRAPT and IUID websites is that users are periodically logged-out of the interface for security reasons. This results in lost data, time and increases labor hours. This places a premium on processing the data submissions quickly, as well as accurately, making it even more difficult for the data entry specialist.


Legacy Systems Are Not Easily Automated

Until now, no single database has been able to collect this information, not even major Enterprise Resources Planning systems (ERPs). Management of DoD e-Business requirements used to demand custom software engineering and development to legacy ERP systems. Staying abreast of changing data requirements from the DoD means ongoing updates to legacy databases and application software which requires endless funding of software changes, training, and personnel expertise.

UC! Web Ensures Compliance

A2B Tracking’s cloud-based UC! Web software was purpose-built to help government contractors and suppliers manage data from every division of their company and to automate tough electronic submissions. UC! Web is a central hub where data from each department can be entered, captured, stored and accessed by users from anywhere. Data upstream flows downstream within an organization without the need for manual or duplicate key entry. All departments are always working with a single version of the truth. UC! Web not only streamlines the workflow but also ensures the information submitted to iRAPT is 100% accurate, virtually eliminating payment delays.

If you want to learn more about UC! Web and start automating your electronic submissions to iRAPT and the IUID Registry download our white paper today.