The Item Unique Identification (IUID) policy has been in place since 2004. This Department of Defense policy allows for the unique identification of assets to streamline the process for the accountability of those assets.  In order to meet your Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) compliance requirement you must be audit ready by September 30, 2017. This will require you to have a complete and accurate record of your inventory and be able to track and report inventory, government property and equipment.

Chances are, you may have already had to comply with the IUID requirement. Assuming that you have marked the assets with fully compliant IUID labels and have also reported the assets by submitting them to the IUID Registry you are on your way to FIAR compliance. Reporting your assets to the IUID Registry requires you to submit specific data such as the UII, description, serial number and custodian. This would hold true for new acquisition, Government Furnished Property (GFP) or legacy items. IUID provides for a sustainable auditing strategy as each marked asset now contains item unique identification that will now allow you to be able to automatically track using barcode and report your assets accurately in an efficient manner.

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Meeting the September FIAR compliance deadline will require you to have a system in place to be able to account for your assets. Using the government approved asset identification policy like IUID will help you achieve FIAR compliance quickly. FIAR places a strong focus on inventory existence and completeness which is a “book to floor” and “floor to book” accountability of property and equipment. The most important accountability will be placed on mission critical assets. All mission critical assets require an IUID. If you have mission critical assets in your inventory it makes sense to use the IUID as part of your auditing process.

A2B Tracking  has been providing IUID outsourcing capabilities since the IUID policy has been in existence. We offer a number of military-approved marking methods and durable material options to meet your specific requirements. Click on one of the links below for more information on some of the types of IUID labels that we provide.

Polyester labels                  Polyacrylic labels                  Aluminum labels

Polyester Labels

Our Polyester IUID Labels are a superb general purpose option for industrial applications where durability, excellent adhesion and cost is a factor.

Polyacrylic Labels

Our Laser-Etched Polyacrylic IUID Labels which use Tesa Tape, 3M or Schreiner materials, provide an excellent application for high-contrast images, reliable readability, long-term durability and flexibility.

Photo Anodized
Aluminum Plates

Our Anodized Aluminum IUID Plates provide excellent durability and barcode readability, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of outdoor and industrial applications.