Although the DoD and the UID policy office have achieved significant momentum in implementing UID, there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome. One of them is bad UIDs. I’m not talking about choosing the wrong barcode symbology. I’m not talking about the quality of the UID 2D Data Matrix image. I’m talking about encoding to MIL-STD-130.

Anyone can choose a 2D Data Matrix. Anyone can print a nice, high quality UID mark on a label or plate and affix that label or plate to the end item. But all that is worthless, unless the data is encoded correctly. I bring this up because it’s a problem. It’s potentially a major problem and the depth of the problem varies depending upon which areas of the services you talk to.

The problem often starts at the OEM or manufacturer of items that require an UID. That’s why A2B has set up a free web service for the entire UID community, military or commercial, that kills bad UIDs. Log in to set up your free account, and you’ll be generating high quality MIL-STD-130 compliant UIDs in no time.

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