A2B Tracking is proud to be joining the Connection exhibition booth at NRF 2018.  NRF 2018 is Retail’s Big Show. It’s a 3-day conference at the Javits Center in New York City on January 14-16. NRF’s Annual Convention offers an opportunity to showcase the latest technologies and solutions for retailers.

A2B Tracking will be showing off our RFID Asset Tracking Solution with specific demonstration for use in retail environments. The live demonstrations of our Mobile RFID asset tracking software platform along with our new Pro-Locate™ feature will showcase how to avoid out-of-stock inventory while improving in-store sales and customer service.

NRF 2018 Retail's Big Show

Commercial Asset Tracking Software

Our Commercial Asset Tracking Software allows you to track and manage all inventory and serialized assets from one cloud-based platform. The A2B Tracking technology is purpose-built to leverage both RFID and modern barcode technologies to provide value, mobility and performance when managing store inventories.


The exciting Pro-Locate feature allows the user to quickly find a specific missing asset.  Leveraging Mobile RFID technology we have developed this proprietary game changing solution using the Zebra RFD8500 scanner coupled with an Android smartphone.

Using Pro-Locate, you can find an item that has gone missing by selecting the specific item on your smartphone and then pull the trigger on the RFD8500 scanner while you walk through your facility. When the software detects your item there will be a series of tones and a screen alert indicating your item is within 10-feet. Another pull of the trigger confirms that you’re headed in the right direction of the missing asset until you collect and obtain the actual item. Pro-Locate can reduce search times from many hours to a few minutes.

For more information about connecting with us at the NRF Big Show or for a demonstration of our new Commercial Asset Tracking and Pro-Locate features you can contact us here.