Last week I attended the National Property Management Association’s annual education seminar in Myrtle Beach, SC. I’m always impressed with the depth of educational content and industry knowledge that converge at this conference, where property professionals gather to hone their knowledge of equipment and asset management.

I’ll admit that before facing a room full of 50-60 property management professionals, during sessions I’ve presented on UID, I make sure to brush up on UID property management policies and directives.

I wish the direction to implement UID was clear and unambiguous, but the truth is that the combination of FAR, DFARS, instructions, guides, and memos makes meeting IUID policy for government furnished property (GFP) very confusing. Add to that the conflicting information being communicated by DCMA and you have a very challenging environment in which to promote a very worthwhile initiative – UID.

That said, UID isn’t going away, and its benefits far outweigh the challenges of implementation. It’s time to pony up and get the job done