Every member of your team is important to the efficient use of iRAPT and the ability for your business to stay IUID and RFID compliant. One weak link can cause a lot of problems, and it only takes one or two major mistakes to lose your contracts and a significant source of revenue. It is extremely important that everyone on the team understands the significance of IUID, RFID, and iRAPT compliance, and know the role they play in achieving it.

The Group Administrator

The  Group Administrator, or GAM, is a key member of the team. They ensure that the information in the electronic system remains accurate, and aids in the quality assurance process to ensure continued compliance to iRAPT best practices.

IT Professionals

The IT Department needs to understand that it is responsible for data and application management. Because everything that is recorded or documented electronically needs to remain secure and protected, the IT department needs to be on their A-game to ensure all electronic tasks are completed with IT security in mind. They are a key part in the effort to achieve iRAPT compliance.

Production and Property Management

The Production and Property Management teams need to understand that they aren’t just there to create, store, and transport the required products or assets for each shipment. Because of the IUID and RFID requirements, they must also create, manage, submit, and report all IUID and RFID data along with military shipment data. Any lapse in proper processes in this area can result in drastic consequences such as a rejected shipment or invoice as well as trigger an audit.  Take note that a recent change in policy now requires non-serialized government property or materiel must be reported directly to iRAPT.

Customer Support

In order to be successful within the iRAPT framework, you definitely need to implement and utilize the proper hardware and software solutions. Customer support is responsible for supporting the team and customers in the proper use of these tools and to ensure uptime.

Engineering and Quality Assurance

Engineering and Quality Assurance not only need to ensure the quality of the product itself, but that the IUID labels are designed and placed properly on each asset. Any mistakes in this area could lead to much bigger problems to solve down the road such as remarking items that weren’t marked correctly the first time.


Procurement is responsible for obtaining all materials that contribute to both IUID and RFID compliance and effective iRAPT processes. This includes labels, software, and hardware that aids in the tracking of assets and shipments as well as communication through iRAPT.


Legal acts as the auditing team to maintain compliance to best practicesMistakes in this regard could lead to failed audits.

Supply Chain/Shipping

Supply Chain must create the MIL STD 129 compliant Military Shipping Labels (MSLs) which may require an RFID embedded tag. The labels data contains shipment information that must generate the Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) for electronic reporting of the shipment and invoice.


Whether you have teams of people filling each of these roles or a few individuals covering a variety of responsibilities, it’s imperative that each person understands how to operate within iRAPT and how important it is to make even the smallest of steps a priority. Frequent, consistent training on these topics will keep these important principles top-of-mind for everyone involved, and will make iRAPT compliance a natural part of your workflow.


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