It is fair to say that in our lifetime, we have seen an explosion in the growth of computers and digital IT equipment. As a society we have committed to utilizing computers, mobile devices and other IT assets as tools so that we can perform our jobs better and faster.

The benefits of this technology explosion has been fantastic. However, there are complications that come with all of these servers, computers, smartphones, and tablets — How do you keep track of all this IT equipment? Needless to say, tracking the location and movement of all of the computer equipment in any large organization is a massive undertaking.

RFID Tracking for IT Assets


Read our latest white paper: RFID Tracking for Military IT Assets. 

Regardless of whether your organization is in a corporate or government environment being able to keep track of IT assets in an accurate and timely fashion is an operational imperative. Learn how RFID provides immediate benefits and superior performance when tracking and managing IT equipment.

The US Military (when you include all the branches of the Department of Defense) is arguably the largest organization in the world with an enormous amount of IT equipment to manage. Furthermore, the US Congress has mandated that the Department of Defense maintain accountability on each and every asset in their possession. Every branch of the US Military is expected to have up to date and accurate location information on all of their assets — not just their IT equipment. Our latest paper uses the US Military as an example to show how beneficial RFID Technology can be for any organization.

Learn why RFID is the preferred auto-ID technology for IT equipment. Understand how RFID can improve asset tracking accuracy and increase efficiency at the same time. Get the tactics that you need to be able to keep your system implementation costs manageable. Download and read this free white paper today.