I shared my thoughts in a wide ranging interview with Rick Morgan for the new issue of SCAN: The Data Capture Report. Regarding the newly issued GAO Report on IUID, I said that I feel the GAO did a very good job of providing a broad perspective on IUID within the military services. I also mentioned that the services are looking for benefits beyond marking and registering items. Certainly that has been our experience. Military personnel with whom we work are seeing IUID as the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It is exciting when they recognize the power of serialized item management and begin to plan for streamlining of processes. That’s what IUID is all about – enabling a leaner, more efficient military.

Would we like to see faster marking of legacy items? Of course! Would we like to see DCMA do a better job of enforcing contract obligations? Absolutely! But the truth is that DoD is the largest enterprise on earth, and change happens slowly even in much smaller organizations. In the meantime we are seeing the rollout of mobile capability such as smartphones and web-based IUID software that are coming together to make IUID and serialized item management even more powerful than originally imagined.