Smartphones have not only entered our lives, they have become what desktop computers were to the ‘80s and ‘90s – indispensable. They are also practical, used for numerous mundane tasks such as connecting us to email, tracking our personal workouts and forecasting weather. They connect us to information when we need it, which in turn helps us to make smarter decisions.

A2B’s latest smartphone apps build upon that practicality. Our objective with the software is to offer a free app to the world. That app allows us to ensure that IUID is being implemented with the consistency and data integrity to make it usable for all. We do that by validating the IUID syntax of every unique item ID created and by checking the registration status at the IUID Registry.

We have not only upgraded our Android® app called A2B UID Tracker but we’ve released an app with the same capability for the iPhone® from the App Store℠.

As for the Android app, A2B’s product manager, Jim Daniels says, “This is an improved scan engine that is optimized to read all types of IUID barcodes, regardless of the color of the barcode and label. The improved installer for the app now includes the scan engine and does not require a separate download of a commercial scan engine.”

Jim goes on to comment: “A2B UID Tracker for iPhone is available on the App Store to validate IUID syntax and to check the registration status at the IUID Registry. The app includes an integrated scan engine for use with the embedded camera in the phone to scan the barcode. The app then translates the syntax to determine if the barcodes were created correctly.”

Whichever device you use, we’ve got you covered. Judging by the number of users, UID Tracker is a hugely successful app. Let’s work together to make sure that IUIDs are being applied and registered correctly. Our military depends on it.