There has been a lot of discussion around the use of virtual UIIs when submitting data to the UID Registry. Indeed some areas of the military have suggested use of virtual UIIs only as a last resort. I agree, but with one important exception – GFP that is being managed under contract.

When managing virtual UIIs a strict process must be put into place. Imagine for a moment the implication of creating a virtual UII for an item through the period of performance for a given contract. The UII is created by the custodian of the item and, coupled with the item’s UID pedigree, the data is uploaded to the UID Registry. This item officially has a placeholder as long as it is not sold or disposed of.

Now imagine that same item when it is shipped back to the government without a MIL-STD-130 UID on the physical item. At this stage in the implementation of UID, it would be rare that the virtual UII would be identified as such on the receiving end, and likely another UID would be created for that item. Now two records exist to represent one item! This has huge implications and must be avoided at all costs