The world witnessed some of the earliest benefits of automated data capture technology in the form of bar code back in the 60’s.  Huge railroad cars would meander back and forth across the country with valuable contents that would be periodically misplaced while in transit.  Imagine a yard full of hundreds of railroad cars that look exactly alike and trying to find valuable contents such as a million dollars worth of equipment that must be routed to the correct destination.

Soon we saw the shift to tracking less valuable assets on an individual basis.  Common carriers such as Fedex and UPS get paid a premium to track the movement of a packet containing a single letter, often requiring an important original signature.

Today, most businesses get it.  They understand that they can’t operate without some form of automatic data capture, whether bar code or RFID.  And chances are that A2B has implemented some form of automatic data capture for tracking these valuable and sometimes not so valuable assets.  That’s why we are honored to be recognized as a key team member when the US Air Force received the Team Excellence Award at the UID Forum for tracking Nuclear Weapons Related Material (NWRM).  The press release tells the back story as to why this topic has received so much visibility in the past year.  I’m proud to say that we’re supporting an extremely skilled Air Force team and we hope to support more awards in the future