Last month, I attended RFID Journal LIVE in Phoenix and was honored to be asked to speak at the AIM Data Capture Workshop. RFID LIVE is arguably the largest conference of the year devoted to RFID and related technologies.

One of the most exciting aspects of the show this year for me was to see the US military and the Defense community embracing RFID. There has been a long standing DoD policy of using RFID to track military shipments (pallets, containers etc…); but this year, there were a number of case studies from the US military proving the effectiveness of using RFID to track items at the individual level.

It is exciting to see the military shift their use of RFID from primarily shipment information to the individual item information. This shows an increased adoption of the technology in the defense community. As with many technologies, it has taken a while for the environment to be ready for RFID asset tracking (RFID technology has been around for decades). But, the environment is ripe, we now have the infrastructure, the confidence and the established industry practices to increase the scope of RFID use in the defense community.

At A2B Tracking we have been working with RFID technology for years and we have continued to develop the RFID capabilities in UC! Web.  The latest release allows for some exciting innovations that we would like to share with you. Join us for a live webinar this Thursday, June 8th at 2pm EST.


RFID Asset Tracking

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