We are excited to announce the latest release of our UC! Web Asset Tracking and Data Management Software.  

What’s New?

UC! Web 2.5.10 provides an added suite of enhancements to improve efficiency and maintain compliance. New features in the latest release include improved capabilities for Parts and Asset management, Reporting, User Interface improvements as well as updates and enhancements to our IUID Compliance Tools.

Check out our Demonstration Webinar

Click Here to watch our UC! Web Informational Webinar.  This on-demand demonstration of UC! Web’s latest feature upgrades were pre-recorded by our product development team to demonstrate the UC! Web 2.5.10 release.

Release Highlights Include

  • Parts and Asset Management Improvements
  • Usability Enhancements
  • Attach Documents to Assets
  • New Reporting Functionality
  • Improved Compliance Tools
  • Various bug fixes and other product enhancements

One of the most talked about new features in UC! Web v2.5.10 is the ability to attach documents (images, MSDS sheets, maintenance records…) directly to specific assets. Having this kind of data attached to unique assets so that it is readily available to warehouse workers and remote field teams will undoubtedly improve efficiency. Document attachment along with improved reporting functionalities and a host of military compliance enhancements solidify A2B Tracking as the leader in asset tracking software.