We had some feedback, following our most recent UID Web Seminar that clearly illustrates the importance of tackling UID with a team approach. One attendee wrote, “Please accept our thanks and appreciation to both A2B and David (Collins of Data Capture Institute) for bringing us an informative hour that was well spent. Everyone on our team sat together, property management, purchasing, operations and executive departments, up to and including our president. We heard as one the inevitability of moving ahead with UID.”

 Time and again we hear from individuals who have been tasked with implementing UID, and inevitably those individuals become frustrated with the internal struggle to involve all business functions that are impacted. Group education is a very effective way to keep everyone aligned with the impact of UID.

To UID champions everywhere we offer this advice: Take a team approach to lighten your burden. Start involving all stakeholders early in the process. Be sure everyone is educated about UID requirements and impact.