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How to Select Fully Compliant Asset Tags and Military Shipping Labels

Learning how to select the proper materials and marking methods is critical to creating fully compliant IUID asset tags and Military Shipping Labels (MSLs). In A2B Tracking’s upcoming webinar, IUID Label Expert, Dan Faria and Sharrieff Christmas will discuss what factors must be considered when determining the material type and marking methods for your asset and shipping labels.

Join us Thursday, August 24th for our free online seminar to learn:

  • The 3 most popular IUID Label material types and the marking methods that work best with each
  • Specialty tags designed for specific applications.    
  • The differences between Asset Tags and Shipping Labels
  • What you need to know to create asset tags and MSLs that are 100% compliant to military contracts.

Getting it right the first time

Learn how to evaluate your assets in order to select the appropriate labels and tags that will be able to stay compliant for the lifetime of your asset. Arguably, the largest expense involved in the IUID labeling process is the actual application of the label — which means that you want to get the label correct the first time. By identifying the environmental conditions that the assets will be exposed throughout the life of the asset will determine the correct material & marking method for your IUID and shipping tags. This will prevent your organization from having to replace IUID labels that were not durable enough, as well as, avoid wasting money on a more durable material than needed.

Military Shipping Labels

Dan and Sharrieff will also be discussing MIL-STD-129 Shipping Labels (or MSLs) since the defense community has seen a recent increase in contracts that require these shipping labels as part of their obligations. Learn how shipping labels are different from IUID tags and how RFID or barcode technology might be leveraged to accomplish these critical contract obligations.


Select asset labels and military shipping labels

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