A2B Tracking Software Platform

Commercial Asset Tracking with Military Precision

Zebra Technologies Software Certification

Track Assets and Inventory with RFID
and your Smartphone

A2B Tracking technology is a secure cloud-enabled RFID and barcode asset tracking, stock tracking and reporting system.

Your Smartphone connects via Bluetooth to the Zebra 8500 while accessing A2B Tracking software to manage critical asset tracking features such as locate asset, check in and check out, cycle counts and more.

Expedite Locating Specific Assets

The A2B Tracking proprietary Pro-Locate™ feature leverages RFID and your Smartphone to search entire facilities to find a specific asset that’s gone missing.

From your Smartphone, pick the asset and then pull the trigger while walking your facility until the software reports a successful find.

Pro-Locate™ reduces search times from many hours to just a few minutes.

Manage All Stock and Serialized Assets
from One System

A2B Tracking software is purpose-built for corporations and governments to track non-serialized stock items to locations such as bins or containers while leveraging RFID and barcode tracking for serialized items such as parts, tools, equipment, containers and more.

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Start Small and Grow

A2B Tracking software is available for quick and easy single user access within a small business and can scale to the largest enterprises with hundreds of named users and logins concurrently using the system.

Start with a single RFID reader and grow to multiple readers and add fixed mounted RFID readers when you’re ready for total automated tracking of critical assets. A2B Tracking was designed to scale on your timeline.

Cloud-Based Asset Tracking and Stock Tracking

A2B Tracking technology is purpose-built for asset management and inventory control using RFID and barcode technologies that deliver both value and performance.

Backwards Compatible with All Barcode Systems

A2B Tracking can easily import your inventory data from your old system and have you online in just a few hours.

Our high performing RFID Asset Tags can contain your existing Asset IDs for backward compatibility. They’re specifically designed to obtain excellent read ranges regardless of the surface.

Securely Hosted in the Cloud

A2B Tracking is hosted in a FedRAMP certified environment that meets the federal government’s standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud-software.

Track a Variety of Assets

  • IT Equipment

  • Repairs

  • Assemblies

  • Containers

  • Documents

  • Tools

  • Parts

  • Rentals

  • Fixed Assets

  • Shipments

  • Office Equipment

“With A2B Tracking, we’ve achieved improved resource utilization and eliminated
manual tasks through automation that has led to enhanced asset visibility”

– H & K

“My experience with A2B Tracking has been completely positive, not only before the sale,
but after, with their incredible technical and customer support staff.”

– L3 Technologies

“The service provided from A2B Tracking was excellent.”

– BAE Systems

“With A2B Tracking, having the ability to empower multiple locations to manage their own inventory, while still being able to manage all records from a corporate level has led to significant improvements in our accuracy, visibility, and consistency of our inventory.”

– Scientific Research Corporation

“This technology saves us significant time in accounting for customer sails and allows us to keep pace with the growth of our repair business since we have recently expanded our facility to handle increased demands for our services.”

– North Sails

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What makes us better?

Advanced Barcode and RFID from One System

We’ll help your organization take control of your assets and stock by providing you a single cloud-based system and incorporates advanced barcode and RFID for total asset visibility.

Start Small and Grow

Our affordable technology allows you to start tracking with Smartphones or Tablets and expand to fixed RFID readers whenever you’re ready to add even more automation.

Fast to Deploy and Integrate

A2B Tracking is commercial off the shelf software that lives in a secure cloud with an API that easily integrates with other systems enabling greater automation and eliminating duplicate data entry.

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