UC! Web™
Government Property Management

Manage critical assets and inventory
with military precision

Learn how UC! Web supports Audit Readiness for Government Property
1: Asset Management that meets FAR 52.245-1
2: Automated Data Exchange to PIEE, WAWF, GFP Module, PCARSS
3: IUID Compliance and Reporting
4: Inventory Automation

One Government Property
Management System that does it all.

UC! Web™ is a secure, cloud-based Asset Management solution that meets FAR 52.245-1, manages inventories and automates data exchange to PIEE, WAWF, GFP Module, IUID Registry and PCARSS
for sustained audit-readiness.

UC! Web™ ensures compliance with:

  • FAR 52.245-1 (Government Property)
  • DFARS 252.211-7003 (Item Identification and Valuation)
  • DFARS 252.211-7007 (Reporting of Government Furnished Property)

Surviving the DCMA audit.

FIAR is holding the Defense Department and DoD contractors accountable to achieve and sustain full Audit Readiness.

UC! Web™ provides anytime, anywhere access in the cloud 24×7 to support the inevitable DCMA audit.

UC! Web™ captures and reports on every transaction from cradle to grave. This includes: asset record keeping, inventories, assignment of IUIDs, asset pedigree and custody transfers.

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More intuitive and faster to deploy with web services
API integration.

Automated data exchange to PIEE, WAWF, GFP Module, IUID Registry and PCARSS for all military assets and shipments of end item deliverables, property transfers and asset lifecycle events.

Integrated with mobile computing devices such as industrial scanners and tablets for performing inventories and locating assets.

Leverages advanced barcode and RFID to achieve 99%+ inventory accuracy as part of the integrated audit trail.

Manage complexities of serially and non-serially managed government property.

Reporting of government inventory for the Defense Contractor is becoming more time consuming everyday.

UC! Web™ manages serialized and non-serialized government property, GFP, CAP and materiel while seamlessly exchanging data with PIEE, WAWF, GFP Module, IUID Registry and PCARSS for 100% government compliance. 

UC! Web™ saves time and prevents data entry mistakes by detecting data entry errors and warns the user to fix prior to reporting to government systems.

Report all assets and qualifying lifecycle events from acquisition through disposition.

UC! Web™ captures detailed contract and acquisition data and updates the status of asset and inventory throughout its lifecycle through to consumption and disposal.


Conform to all new IUID and RFID marking and electronic reporting requirements.

UC! Web™ prints, marks, tracks, ships and updates the status of any asset using IUID and RFID throughout the asset’s lifecycle.

Create DD250s, DD1149s, DD1348s and other custody transfer documentation automatically.

Cloud-Based Asset Tracking That Does It All

UC! Web™ is your all-in-one solution for government property management and meeting compliance across your enterprise.

Download this informative brochure to learn how UC! Web™ can streamline your government audit-readiness.

Perform inventories of all government property throughout the year with granular precision.

UC! Web™ automates physical inventories throughout the year at a fraction of the normal time using integrated mobile computers and tablets by leveraging auto ID technology such as IUID and RFID.

UC! Web™ is flexible enough to handle all government property as well as corporate property.

Mobile – Industrial Scanners,
Tablets or Smartphones

UC! Web™ allows mobile computing on any device.

Scan and edit your detailed asset or shipment data and perform accurate inventories from any mobile device, tablet or smartphone with UC! Mobile™ software.

Need more durability?
UC! Mobile™ software is pre-integrated to modern Zebra and Honeywell mobile computers for industrial environments. Get asset visibility from remote areas and be confident you’ll always know where your assets are.

Securely Hosted

Securing government data is a critical requirement to maintaining your government contracts.

UC! Web™ is hosted in a FedRAMP certified environment that meets the federal government’s standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud-software. ITAR-certified hosting environments are provided upon request.

Government Certifications

FedRAMP Certified

UC! Web™ is hosted in a cloud environment that meets the federal government’s standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud-software.


UC! Web’s cloud-environment supports ITAR compliance for controlling unintended exports by restricting access to protected data to US persons and restricting physical location of that data to the US.

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“They are quick to respond, and that saves us time and keeps us from going down a dead end. A2B Tracking was extremely responsive and answered all my questions as they arose. In the end, business always boils down to people, and A2B Tracking’s people are personable and very knowledgeable.”

– U.S. Navy

UC! Web™ has processed more than 7 million military assets which represents nearly 25% of the IUID Registry.

“My experience with A2B Tracking has been completely positive, not only before the sale, but after, with their incredible technical and customer support staff.”

– L3 Technologies

“A2B Tracking gives us a robust solution to numerous challenges in Government property management. It allows us to have a “one stop shop” solution to encompass IUID, Asset Management, Inventory Automation, and Reporting.”

– Scientific Research Corporation

Selected Clients

America's Navy
L3 Communications

What happens if I don’t do it?

Financial Losses

Lack of asset visibility and bad record keeping can result in duplicate purchases up to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Failed Audits

Inferior management systems can lead to failed audits and lost contracts worth millions of dollars.

Poor Customer Experience

In today’s highly competitive markets, lack of visibility of a customer order can result in financial loss and eroding market share when that customer takes their business to your competitor.

What sets us apart

Advanced Barcode and RFID
from One System

We’ll help your enterprise take control of your assets with a single cloud-based system that uses advanced barcode and RFID technologies for total asset visibility.


For over 24 years, A2B Tracking has pioneered military-grade solutions for tracking and managing critical assets and inventory for government agencies and
commercial businesses.

Fast to Deploy and Integrate

UC! Web™ is commercial off the shelf software that lives in a secure cloud with a web services API that easily integrates with other legacy software enabling greater asset visibility and scalability across your enterprise.

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